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Borrow with Lndr

Embark on your financial journey with Lndr – where your lending needs find a trusted partner

Lending Solutions

We cater to your diverse financial needs with a range of lending solutions, including short-term, personal, and consolidated loans. Our commitment is to provide you with flexible and tailored options that suit your unique circumstances, ensuring a straightforward and convenient borrowing experience.


Debit order loans

Our debit order loan streamlines repayments by automatically deducting agreed instalments from your bank account, ensuring convenience and timely payments.


Payroll Loans

Lndr’s payroll loans offer quick access to funds aligned with your salary schedule, ensuring a seamless and reliable way to manage short-term financial needs with ease.


Consolidated loan

Lndr’s consolidated loans simplify your financial life by combining multiple loans into one, easing the burden of multiple payments and often lowering overall interest rates.


Wellness loans

Lndr’s financial wellness loans go beyond lending, offering personalized tools and resources to enhance your overall financial health. With flexible repayment options and expert guidance, these loans are designed to ensure your long-term financial well-being.


30 Day Loans

At Lndr, we specialize in providing swift 30-day loans. With Lndr, you can expect rapid approval and a hassle-free application process. Secure the funds you need swiftly and conveniently.

    Easy loan application

    At Lndr, getting the financial support you need is as easy as a few simple steps.

    On our homepage, effortlessly adjust sliders to determine your desired loan amount and preferred payment plan.

    Once you’ve set your preferences, we’ll furnish you with a transparent repayment schedule, detailing fees and instalments.

    Moving forward, our user-friendly online application requires some personal information, including your ID copy, employment details, monthly income, and personal banking information.

    Getting to know you better allows us to assess your eligibility for the loan amount you desire.

    Post-application, a seamless income verification process is initiated – simply share your most recent three months’ bank statements highlighting personal details and monthly income.

    We meticulously verify all provided information to ensure accuracy.

    Once validated, your funds are swiftly transferred to your account on the same day, giving you the financial flexibility you need, when you need it.

    Wellness starts with Lndr

    Financial Wellness Loans

    At Lndr, we go beyond traditional lending to prioritize your overall financial well-being.

    Our financial wellness loans are designed to empower you with not just funds, but a holistic approach to managing your finances.

    With personalized solutions, expert guidance, and a commitment to your financial health, we strive to be your trusted partner on the journey to greater financial stability.

    Choose LNDR for loans that prioritize your well-being and pave the way for a brighter financial future.