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Full loan management

Lndr’s system adeptly oversees and facilitates the entire lending process for lenders, or it can be equipped with training for independent operation.

Business Solutions

Lndr’s system is a comprehensive platform designed to efficiently manage and facilitate the entire lending process on behalf of lenders. From application intake to approval, fund disbursement, and repayment tracking, the system automates and streamlines each stage.

Alternatively, for those seeking a more hands-on approach, the system can be tailored and provided with training, allowing users to independently navigate and utilize its features effectively. This flexibility ensures that both experienced lenders and those new to the lending landscape can benefit from the system’s capabilities, making it a versatile solution for various lending needs.

Fully automated lending solution

Lndr offers a cutting-edge, fully automated, algorithmic, digital end-to-end lending solution. This comprehensive platform encompasses every stage of the lending process, from seamless application submission to advanced algorithmic assessment for swift and accurate decision-making. The system further facilitates fund disbursement, repayment tracking, and comprehensive reporting, ensuring a streamlined and efficient lending experience for both lenders and borrowers. With a commitment to technological innovation, Lndr’s solution optimizes the lending journey, making it a robust and reliable choice for the evolving landscape of digital finance.


Customer on-boarding

Lndr’s system excels at customer onboarding, seamlessly guiding individuals through the initial stages of the lending process with efficiency and user-friendly automation.


Assessment of client data

Lndr’s system assesses client data using advanced algorithms, ensuring precise and personalized lending solutions based on individual financial profiles.


Credit scoring

Lndr’s system conducts credit scoring using advanced algorithms, enabling personalized and fair loan assessments based on clients’ financial profiles.


KYC data verification

Lndr’s system conducts thorough KYC and data verification processes, enhancing security and compliance by validating user information against trusted sources.


AML evaluating client data

Lndr’s system conducts AML checks, evaluating client data to detect and prevent potential money laundering activities, ensuring regulatory compliance and platform security.


Automated debit checks

Lndr’s system automates debit checks for efficient and accurate loan repayment transactions directly from clients’ accounts.


Loan disbursement

Lndr’s system automates loan disbursements, facilitating quick and secure fund transfers to approved clients.


Loan management

Lndr’s system efficiently manages the entire loan lifecycle, automating processes from application to repayment for a streamlined and user-friendly experience.


Loan collections

Lndr’s system automates loan collections, ensuring efficient tracking and timely repayments for a streamlined process.


Broker portal interface

Lndr’s system includes a broker portal interface, streamlining communication and lending activities for enhanced efficiency and collaboration.

    Provide loans with Lndr

    The Lndr system stands out as a versatile and customizable white-label solution, providing banks and financial institutions with the flexibility to integrate and personalize the platform according to their unique needs and branding.

    This adaptability ensures a seamless alignment with existing systems, creating a harmonious and cohesive experience for both financial institutions and their customers. By offering a fully integratable system, Lndr enhances operational efficiency, allowing for the smooth flow of data and processes across various components of the lending ecosystem. Moreover, the system’s ability to maintain brand consistency ensures that the financial institution’s identity remains intact throughout the lending process.

    This not only streamlines the user experience but also builds trust by presenting a unified and professional interface. In essence, Lndr provides a robust and tailored lending solution that not only meets the specific requirements of banks and financial institutions but also elevates their overall service delivery.

    Full loan solution

    Lndr specializes in facilitating the complete loan process on behalf of banks and various financial institutions.

    With a proven track record, Lndr has successfully managed this end-to-end process for multiple banks. This comprehensive service includes everything from application intake to credit scoring, automated debit checks, loan disbursements, and collections.

    By leveraging Lndr’s expertise, banks and financial institutions can enhance their operational efficiency, optimize customer experiences, and benefit from a reliable partner with a successful history of managing the intricacies of the lending process.

    Choose Lndr for loans that prioritize your well-being and pave the way for a brighter financial future.

    Lndr unique solution

    • Client acquisition
    • Bank statement verification & fraud detection
    • Client bank statement data for AI
    • AM/KYC checks
    • FICA – Proof of address
    • Identification verification
    • Bank account validation
    • AI scoring & algorithms to determine loan amount and terms
    • Credit checks
    • Affordability calculations
    • Pay-date predictions
    • Employment validations
    • Broker/agent management and payment
    • Loan disbursement
    • Collections and EDC management
    • Uploading of payments schedules to Amplifin (DebiCheck)

    Want to know more about our system?

    If you’re interested in learning more about our system, don’t hesitate to inquire today. We are ready to provide you with a comprehensive and detailed breakdown, offering insights into the functionalities, features, and benefits